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About Us

History of the organization:
Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS) is a unique organization to save the endangered costal region and to develop the social environment. The tireless zeal of some environmentalists and development workers, coming from different level of the society, this nonpolitical, nonprofitable organization called BEDS was established on 26th July 2010. BEDS was formed to focus on the problems like global worming, natural calamities, population burst, environmental disaster, species extinction, habitat, food crisis, farming, fishery, education, health and nutrition, unemployment etc. The vision of the institution is to develop the socio economic condition of the poor and to preserve the eco balance and the mission of the organization is to sustainable environmental protection, wildlife/biodiversity conservation and to development of farming, education, health and nutrition sector.
To develop the socio economic condition of the poor and to preserve the eco balance.
To sustainable environmental protection, wildlife/biodiversity conservation and to development of farming, education, health and nutrition sector.
i. Training programs for the unemployed and monitory aid to under developed.
ii. Saving natural treasures.
iii. Pollution control, natural calamity, social participation for environment.
iv. Research programs for global worming, natural disaster and aids.
v. Research programs for the development of the endangered species.
vi. Promote the Sundarbans Eco-Tourism for conserve biodiversity and to help the poor aborigines.
Fundamental Principles:
i. To conserve Nature and Environment of its Sustainability
ii. To help poor, ultra poor, underprivileged and affected communities
iii. To create equity, corruption free society for our national development
iv. Initiatives for Sundarbans and Biodiversity conservation
v. Safeguarding interest of future generation
Strategic Direction:
i. Insure the participation of local communities
ii. Develop the associate, sister organization.
iii. Establish partnership, collaboration and networking with GO, NGO, CBO, research institute, university, national and international agencies.
Legal Status:
Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS) is registered from NGO Affairs Bureau, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Prime Minister’s Office on--------------- registration number is ----------------and registered from the Department of Social Services, Government of Bangladesh on 02 October 2011 registration No. is Khulna/1449/2011

is registered by the Department of Social Services, Government of Bangladesh on 02 October 2011 and registration No. is Khulna/1449/2011

Working Area:
South - west coastal region such as Khulna, Satkhira, Bagerhat, Pirojpur, Barguna, Potuakhali, Bhola district of Bangladesh.
Total number of Employees:
Full time employee
Technical Expert
Volunteer/ Survey team
Membership and Networking:
i. Network member of Climate Finance Governance Network (CFGN), Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB)
ii. Member of Poverty and Conservation Learning Group (PCLG)
iii. Network member of Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA)
Governance Structure:
General Board of 59 members is the supreme body of the organization that elects members for the Executive Committee. BEDS is executed by an Executive Committee of 7 members which is elected in every three years interval. The EC approves annual plans and budgets monitor the activity progress and financial updates according to the Human Resources and Financial Policy of BEDS. Development programs of the organization are supervised by a Core Management Team which is chaired by the Chief Executive of the organization.
Executive Committee:
Principal Occupation
Educational Qualification
Relationship to the Executives
Quazi Mahfuzur Rahman Mukul
NGO worker Mcom, LLB
Md. Mohiduzzaman Fakir
Vice –Chairman
Coaching Business BA
Md. Maksudur Rahman
NGO worker MSc in Zoology
Nasrin Khatun
Assistant Secretary
NGO worker HSC
Md. Altaf Hossain Biswas
NGO worker BSC
MD. Alamin Gazi
House Teacher Mcom (Accounting)
Lubna Yesmin
Housewife/ Social worker MA
Program Management:
BEDS has a Core Management Team comprised of coordinator and manager headed by the Chief Executive which is authorized by the Executive Committee to manage the whole organization. Besides, heads generally supervise the regular activities. BEDS manage all its activities according to the Constitution, Human Resource Policy, Financial Manual, Operational Policy, General Policy and other adhoc policies/rules and regulations as per requirements.
Monitoring System:
The monitoring Cell of BEDS under the direct upervisor of the Chief Executive exercises an effective and update M & E system to monitor its program activities. The monitoring process follows the indicators set in the Log frame of its Annual plan (LTDP). Besides it has monitoring templates and guideline for doing the same. This Cell produces monitoring reports quarterly, half yearly and annually through which the qualitative and quantitative progress of the programs are assessed. These reports are send to the respective program heads, Management Team, Core Management Team, Executive Committee, respective Donors, GoB and others. Direction and suggestions are issued to the respective programs, units for further improvement of activities from the Core Management Team.
Financial Management:
BEDS maintain its accounts. bill, voucher, cash book, ledger according to the guideline of its Accounts Manual. Accounts of the organization are maintained manually also with computer (Excel) generated report. The finance unit of BEDS produces monthly financial report of each project and the quarterly report is submitted to the Executive Committee and Management Team of BEDS and also to the respective donor of the projects. Coordinator- Finance and Administration basically scrutinise these financial reports and take necessary actions in case of any irregularity (if happens). Its accounts are audited by external reputed Audit Firm. BEDS also submit its annual program, financial and audit reports to respective donors and government offices in due time.
Symbol/ Logo
The logo consists of a model eco friendly house on top of a mangrove (Sundari -Heritiera fomes ) leaf and on the roof of the house shows a solar powered panel. Logo Significance The leaf and the house signify the development of the environment. The leaf of Sundari tree shows the strong bond between the costal people and the Sundarbans, which is the only the lone greatest mangrove forest in the world. The model of eco friendly house signifies the disaster prone climate of Bangladesh and the stream of development of the costal region. The eco friendly roof shows the simplicity of rural Bangladesh. The solar panel signifies the prevention of global worming and the carbon emission.