Chief Executive of BEDS Md. Maksudur Rahman received the Grassroots Hero Award from the Balipara Foundation, Assam, India

The Annual Balipara Foundation Award 2018 is accorded to Mr. Maksudur Rahman as a Grassroots hero and environmental leader for his outstanding contribution for the protection of wild nature and in the arena of nature conservation as well as social impact in Bangladesh and preserving the bio-cultural heritage of the Sundarbans through his organization Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS). The Award is presented by Mike Korchinsky.
The Assam-based Balipara Foundation is an environmental organization that is working to develop Green Economy in India and as well as in the whole world.
The annual meeting of the Balipara Foundation was held on 1st and 2nd November, 2018 in Guwahati, Assam and representatives from more than fifty organizations of 13 countries working on environment, wildlife conservation, green economy etc. participated in this meeting. Mr. Rahman has been working for 18 years in various fields like; environmental protection, wild life conservation, livelihood improvement of the forest dwellers living near the villages adjacent to the Sundarbans and also for the sustainable usage of forest resources. He and his organization are working relentlessly with the objective to connect people with nature.